Currency conversion issue while using Paytm

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So the issue is my store's checkout page shows currency as USD which is fine , after that when someone continue to payment methods and he selects Paytm(popular payment method in India) to pay in INR currency , so here's the issue currency doesn't convert from USD to INR , it just changes the USD symbol to INR symbol without actually converting the currency.

Below are the screenshots


Price is 74.88 USDPrice is 74.88 USD


Price is 74.88 INRPrice is 74.88 INR


Here i purchased  a 39.94 USD product in 0.6 USDHere i purchased a 39.94 USD product in 0.6 USD

i tried changing the store default currency her's what happend


Screenshot_2019-06-16 Fairy String Lights(1).png


Screenshot_2019-06-16 Fairy String Lights.png


A shopify guru told me that product amount is saved in as a report in a usd like if its 500$ no matter what currency i change it to it will always be 500.

I can't change default currency to INR and set prices accordingly cause i'll be marketing worldwide.

Please help am in serious trouble

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Did anybody solve this issue?

It is a big unresolved(?) issue for all of indians on shopify! As paytm is equivalent to India's Paypal