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I am currently living in Dubai, so my paypal account receives money in AED. I setup the integration with printful. It is converting the price of the products from USD to AED. I did not want that. So I went to the shopify store to change the currency of the store to USD hoping that would work. Instead it is just changing the money sign from USD to AED on the store without converting the actual currency. So if I have a product that costs 100 AED the store currency shows it at 100 USD. How can I fix this? I want my store to be able to sell internationally and I prefer not having my main currency as AED.


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Hi, @Scribbled-Shop,

Hank here from Shopify.

Depending on what way your settings are with Printful, as well as your store location, will affect any payouts, or conversion within your store.

To answer your question regarding your currency changing, although this changes within your store, there are a few things to note with regard to this.

Product prices will not be converted to the new currency, you’ll need to do that yourself so that you are charging the correct amount for your products. This would be why you are seeing the $100 USD price on your products, and would need to be converted.

Also, your reports will read anything prior to the currency change as if it took place in the new currency, rather than in the original currency of your store. You can work around this by setting your reports to start on the date that you changed the currency. Some apps may also not work the way they did before and may need the settings updated within the app.

So once you have your store selling in USD, then you can comfortably sell to more countries.

Changing your product pricing can see like a long process, but what you could do is use the bulk editor to speed this up for yourself.

Let me know how you get on with this, or if you have any further questions!

All the best,


Hank | Social Care @ Shopify 
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