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Hi, We would like to make it easier for our delivery drivers to find the correct delivery points. We were thinking of adding a custom field or two to the customers addresses, we could then populate this with the lat/lon coordinate or what3words address. Until there is an app to help customers enter this information themselves we are thinking of adding it manually after the customer has placed the order.

We would need to be able to enter the information and save it against the customer and download it along with the orders.  We currently use EZ exporter by Highview apps to download each days orders and then optimise the route using routexl which is compatibe with what3words or lat and lon. 

Any thoughts or help much appreciated.




Hi Ben,

Jonathan from Highview Apps here :)

One possible thing you can do is store the data in Customer Metafields.  You can use a free app like ShopifyFD (Chrome extension) to add custom Metafields to your customer data:

Then, in EZ Exporter, in the Data Settings for that order report, scroll down a little and go to the "Metafields" section where you can then enter the Customer Metafield "key" (i.e. the fieldname) that you specified in ShopifyFD.

When you run the report, EZ Exporter will search your Customer Metafields data and pull the value that matches that "key", so you can include those values automatically as part of your order export.

Hope that helps! Let me know in case you have any questions!

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