Custom notifications for store pick-ups?

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We have created / would like to use a store pick-up option at checkout, but can't figure out how to handle the automatic order notifications.

Since there won't be tracking information to handle, would notifications need to be customized / sent on an individual basis...and if so, how would we do that?

Wasn't sure if there was a way to customize notifications based on selected shipping method, hopefully without using an outside app.  And even with the apps available - couldn't see if they had an answer to this either?

Thanks, any suggestions are much appreciated!

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It can be done ..  but you need to hook the notifications template and create a new notification template for the message. It's usually 3-4 hours to do so since you need to create the structure whether it is 1 or a dozen different shipping notification types.

You may find it more cost effective to just add blanket statement to the order notification general template that says what you want customers who pick this option to understand.
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Is it really necessary to send additional notifications to customers who opt for store pickup?

By default Shopify would automatically send confirmation email and in the template you can make changes and add your store address permanently on it. I have attached a screenshot showing the Order confirmation email template : 

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Shopify hasn't been sending notifications that order is ready for in-store pickup. And yes it is necessary as we want to ensure our customer's order is ready before they show up. Right now the only option I can find and see is one where it automatically sends a notice that their order has shipped...which is not what we want as it's confusing. Why isn't there a drop down option available in the location as the shipment notification for simply "your order is ready for pickup"?


We have a test account/customer that we use to see how Shopify responds to our store. So far no auto email for order ready when we fulfill the order.

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The documentation for setting up store pickups is here:


It is not stated in the documentation explicitly, but you do not customize the 'Order ready for pickup' email in the same place as all the other notifications. You specify your 'Pickup instructions' when managing your local pickup locations (Settings -> Shipping -> Additional delivery methods).


I tested the process and an email is sent when you confirm that the order is ready. The email includes your instructions, the pickup location, and the order information (order number, line items, and prices).