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I have opened up a shop as a trial to see if i like shopfiy but 90% of what i make it perosnalised and custom orders

I cant see anywhere on shopfiy when adding orders to state delivery times or delivery expectations

I also need a comment box so they can add name of child etc

Can anyone help

Thanks Ciava

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Hi Ciava!

One approach to take in this case regarding communicating expected delivery times and expectations would be to actually add lines of text indicating this in your product description sections so your customers will clearly see expected delivery times before they add a product to the cart. So for example, you could add a line stating "Expected Delivery Time - 3 to 5 days" in your product descriptions.

In addition to this, good practice would be to indicate your estimated delivery times in your store policy pages, through adding it to a "shipping policy page". This will help set expectations for your customers and make it all the more likely that customers will proceed with their order as customers like to know where they stand regarding delivery times.

As regards adding a "comment box", by default you actually have an "order notes" section which you can find in your themes > customise theme > cart page section so customers can leave order notes. But in order to capture additional information, like "name of child" like you mention above, this handy guide sets out some coding customisations that one can carry out to achieve this. Should you find this customisation overly technical, the same function is offered by the Bold Product Options app.

Hope this helps!

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Shopify supports flexible customization for products. You want to add a comment box for name of child, you can read I think you need do manually.

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I'm also in the process of setting up a customizable product.

I have followed the tutorial, using Pipeline as my theme. BUT HELP. The custom box is showing, but I can't seem to get the system to enforce this box as a required field.

The customized information is also not showing up in the cart.

I've noticed that some of the templates mentioned in the tutorial also don't match what I have from Pipeline. For example, I don't have a theme.js page.


Thanks in advance.