Custom price rounding without shopify plus

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Hi there,


Is there anyway to get custom rounding in shopify payments without shopify plus?

I think it's a bit over kill that you have to be a multi million business just to edit your pricing rules,

If anyone has a solution that'd be great,



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Any luck with this?  This feature and the wholesale feature are so irritating that they are just for shopify plus customers.  You think Multi-Million dollar businesses are really going to sign up for shopify for these sorts of features... probably not.  I mean I guess I don't know, I am not one of them lol, but seems like a really dumb feature to limit to just shopify plus customers... If I was multi-million business, I would want more exclusive features than that for $2000+ USD a month.  IMO adds no value to those accounts, however making it available for us peasants actually adds value.  Even make it an a la carte service if you really want make $$$, I just want this feature!


Anyway.. any luck haha?


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