Customer Files Chargeback AFTER Refund has already been made

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A customer cancelled her order. The customer was refunded on June 24th.
On July 7th she filed a chargeback .. ??

Shopify already took the money out of my account to refund the customer on June 24th.
Now they have indicated they will take MORE money out of my account for the chargeback as well..??

Doesn't Shopify double check these things?
They can clearly see that order had already been refunded!
Do they think they can just help themselves to money from my bank account whenever they please?
This is FRAUD!!!

There does NOT seem to be any way to contact Shopify anymore for assistance with these sort (or any other sort) of issues.  What kind of company has NO Customer Support or Customer Service of any kind?

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Hi @Brunhilda 

This is not something Shopify can really do anything about for you. And situations like this will occur. Depending on the amount of the transaction, you may need to look into representation to dispute the chargeback with the issuing bank (if the cost doesn't outweigh the return).

Here is an article about situations like this that might help you going forward:

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I already answered the dispute.

However, it is ridiculous that Shopify should take money out of my bank account for this dispute.. when they already took the money out of my account when I refunded the customer.

They can clearly see in my account that the customer was refunded on June 24, 2020.

On July 7, 2020 the customer filed a dispute and the funds were debited from my bank account yet again.

How many times can Shopify debit money from my bank account for the SAME transaction!