Customer accidentally filed a chargeback but bank reversed it so where is my money?

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I had a customer accidently dispute charges and when I contacted her, she realized her husband did it in error and she contacted her bank and they reversed it again. Her statement shows that the money was taken out for a second time and that was over 3 weeks ago and I have not been reimbursed by Shopify yet. I have contacted Shopify and am just told that we are waiting for her bank to respond to the chargeback dispute and it could take up to basically 3 months.

The bank didn't need to respond to anything because the day I received the dispute she called her bank and told them to fix it and they did it that day. I was still told by Shopify that I had to wait the week to submit the chargeback response even though the customer was showing the funds left her account already.

Does anyone know what the hold up is? Shopify is frustrated with me and they just keep telling me they are waiting for her bank and her bank is saying it is already done so my money is just floating around in cyber space. She has shown me her statements and I have confirmed the funds have been taken out of my customers account 3 weeks ago. Where is my money?


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If you have already been charged back (had your business checking account debited for the disputed credit card charge), then your funds are with your payment processor. This could be Shopify if you are using Shopify Payments, or it could be a 3rd party payment processor. Payment processors hold funds from chargebacks until the case with the cardholder has been determined. Waiting 3 months sounds ridiculous as most chargeback cases I've seen gets resolved in a matter of weeks. For more information on chargebacks, see article here:

Merchant Accounts and Chargebacks