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I am need of some assistance. I have a customer who orders on a regular basis through my site. However the billing address keeps defaulting to the one when they first placed their order. I use the app Sufio for invoices for a more professional look. I then go into the Sufio update the invoice and resend it. Why does this keep happening? Is it error on the person placing the order? 


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Many Thanks Shelley 

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Hi Shelley,


I'm not from Shopify but am a merchant like you. While you can't currently edit the billing address of an order, you should be able to edit their default address...

  • Login to the your Shopify store
  • From the navigation on the left, click 'Customers'
  • Find your customer with the incorrect address and click their name
  • On the customer page which loads, look for 'Default Address' on the right
  • Click the blue 'Manage' link, then click 'Edit address' from the bottom of the pop-up
  • Edit the address and save it

While that won't update any previous orders, new orders should use that new address.


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Hi @shelleyj,


Sufio relies on the billing address logged in the order when populating the invoice.

As @cmscss advised, you'll need to edit their default address via the Shopify admin.

Once that is done you should see the correct address on the invoice next time they order.


If you ever need a hand with anything related to your invoices, feel free to get in touch with us at


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