Customer credit card declined pending transaction

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Good day I woke up to this transaction and need some clarification on it. (1) Did this transaction actually go through ? It says pending in my back office. (2) If it didn't go through why didn't it and what can I do to fix it ? Should I send an email the customer ? I want to make sure that the customer is aware of their card being declined and not expecting a delivery from my store. Thanks in advance for your help. 
A $xxxUSD payment was processed on the Visa ending in xxx. Unable to process a payment for $xxx USD on the Visa ending in xxx. Transaction details from the payment gateway Order #xxx Card details Visa •••• •••• •••• xxx Name on card xxx Authorization key pi_1Ge8SkBf5gB91RiiIfMPlTzw Message Your card was declined. Amount $xxx Gateway Shopify Payments Status failure Type sale Created May 1, 2020, 7:40 pm Information about the payment device Information from the gateway Error Charge ch_1Ge8SlBf5gB91Riiy3rH9Lfq Code card_declined Decline code service_not_allowed Message Your card was declined. Type card_error Error code card_declined
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Have you resolved this problem? I got the same issue.

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