Customer payment failed with PayPal Express & Klarna Sofort

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Hi Community,

I am really upset. I run a brand new shopify store in Germany, I set up my shop and payment methods (Shopify Pay & PayPal Express Checkout) correctly. On Friday morning I started some Marketing campaigns and Friday Evening I looked into my account and saw that 2 People are listed under Orders->Abandoned Checkout. After taking a closer look in their history, I saw that one of them tried to pay with PayPal Express and the other one with Klarna (Sofortüberweisung). Both Transactions failed!


The PayPal Error Says: "Betrag in Höhe von €49,95 EUR kann bei PayPal Express Checkout nicht autorisiert werden."  which means: The amount of 49,95€ cannot be authorized by PayPal Express Checkout.

The Klarna one says: "Die Zahlung für den Betrag in Höhe von €49,95 EUR bei Sofortüberweisung konnte nicht verarbeitet werden.", Which means, transaction could not be processed.


I contacted Shopify Support they sent me to Klarna & PayPal, because its a third party solution (although the payment methods fall under "Shopify Payments"...)  while they sent me back to shopify again. 


I have no Idea what to do, it looks like nobody knows what is going on. Anyone else having this issue? Or even a fix?


Thanks a bunch!

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Hi, @Dejo


I can fully appreciate your concern as losing a sale is never easy for a business. Our support should have been able to assist in the order that failed for Shopify Payments. I can confirm this is something we can look into, and we dropped the ball when you initially called in. For that, I am sorry. Though, I am hopeful that my answer here can help ease some concerns and provide solutions to the questions you have. 


If you're operating out of Germany, you're either using Klarna or Sofort to process payments through Shopify Payments. These options will send the customer outside of the checkout process to complete the purchase. However, if the customer chooses to cancel the order after being redirected, our systems will show the payment could not be processed. It does not mean there is an issue with the checkout itself, but simply that a customer chose to abandon the order for one reason or another. Given that Shopify payments only shows "transaction could not be processed," then the example provided would be the most likely outcome for why this error is appearing.


The Paypal order, on the other hand, would require the help of Paypal support. Though, I would recommend clicking on the failed payment line to expand the information. The outcome may not be that you need to speak with Paypal. Instead, your customer would need to talk to Paypal. Your customer most likely had an issue with their payment type and could successfully pay for the order. 


I know as a new business, it can be disheartening to see abandon checkouts appear, though, these are normal. If you see a large number of abandon checkout orders with failed payments, then definitely reach out to our support as we'd be happy to take a look. However, for now, I would recommend reviewing our help doc here as it dives into how you can send abandon checkout emails and, hopefully, recover the customers who chose not to complete their payment. 


Let me know if you have any questions.

Peter | Social Care @ Shopify 
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