Customer "Store Credit" Budget As Only Payment Method

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I would like to know if there is a way to set-up the payment and checkout in a store to meet all of the following conditions...

  • Budgets (or store credits) to be the only payment method displayed/available.
  • Each customer gets a manually assigned budget (or store credit) by myself on the back end. The customers should not have to enter any sort of coupon, discount or gift card codes.
  • Any portion of the budget not spent in a single purchase will remain available until a set expiration date. 
  • Customers cannot spend beyond their set budget (store credit). If they exceed the remaining balance on their account they cannot complete the checkout process until they adjust their order total to fit within their remaining amount. 

One solution previously recommended to me wast the Flits App Store Credit function. I have tried this and while this works great in terms of tracking our budgets as a store credit it does have some limitations. These include that the checkout process cannot be completed without having an additional payment method set-up for the store. A custom payment work around doesn't necessarily work as it can inadvertently allow the customer could spend past their allotted amount or even completely skip applying their budget (store credit) to the order which would mess us our budget tracking.



I have a webstore that I am attempting to build, featuring promotional marketing products branded with our clients logo on it. The purpose of the webstore is so that all divisions of the company across Canada can order this merchandise as needed. The merchandise is prepaid by our client on a national level and then internally they offer each of their staff a budget of x amount that they can each spend on the products of their choice. 

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Hey Megan,


The FreshCredit app should be able to help you with that. It allows you to assign a store credit to each customer on the back end, and it will keep track of the remaining store credit amount if the customer doesn't use the full amount. It doesn't use any discount or coupon codes. We have several stores using this as a way to allow staff to purchase work-related items.


Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi Gennifer,


I will definitely check that out then. Thank you! :)