Customers unable to checkout

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Hey Community,

multiple times a month I have customer e-mails stating that they are unable to checkout and that they get a paypal error.

I also see several times a month that customers try to use a credit card and it's denied and then they try again and it's accepted.

I'm not sure why this happens.  I know in the case of the credit card they may be entering in a wrong number, but I'm not sure.

Just yesterday I had a customer e-mail me that it took 5 times for her to checkout.  States that all the information is filled out (address) but it won't let her checkout.

So does anyone else experience this?  I'm not sure how to help the customer in these situations.  

Do I have something set up incorrectly?

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Hi, I'm pretty new as well. But I was recently setting up custom shipping zones.

First, I set up custom U.S. shipping zones and hit save. The system then displayed an error that said there were shipping zones not set up - (in my case anywhere outside the U.S.) The system (Shopify) told me that if I didn't set up shipping zones for those areas that customers from those zones wouldn't be able to check out. So, of course, I added an international shipping zone/rate.

I'm not sure of the full scope of your situation, but I thought that sharing this experience might help with the first issue you mention in your post. Best of Luck!!