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I am encourntering a problem with setting shipping rates for Europe. Our shop sellls alchahol, the average bottle weighing 1.3kg (but can go up to 4kg) and 70cl volume.

For europe we have a very good flat box rate. Up to 30kg or 5 litres of liquid. So to stay under we can include 6 bottles in the box. Is there a way to set a rate by a volume or metafeild? As it stands I can only think of capping the weight at 8kg in the shipping rates, but that could limit the amount of bottles shopify would assign to a box if the bottles were heavy.

Any ideas how to overcome this?

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Hi Oscar, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Great question. Just to make sure make sure I am clear on what you're looking for. When you say to set a rate by a volume or meta field do you mean that shipping 6 bottles are one shipping price but 7 bottles would be another shipping price then?  Shopify's shipping natively through the admin is only calculated via weight or price. For further customizations, you would need to use an app or have some work done to your store. There are a couple of apps in the Shopify app store which I looked into that could be a possible solution for you:

Hope this helps and it gives you some direction on best next steps. 

All the best, Nick

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Hey Oscar!

Our shipping calculation app, Intuitive Shipping can do exactly what you are looking to do. We have a lot of wineries and distilleries using us for exactly this purpose. I recommend reaching out to us at to see if our 4D boxing algorithm or our simple packing algorithm is a better fit for your needs.

As Nick suggested, Advanced Shipping Rules may be capable of this, though I’m not familiar enough with their system to say for sure. Better Shipping is only for flat rate shipping, so if you’re looking for live rate calculations, they won’t be a good fit. Free Shipping Calculator isn’t a shipping calculation app, but will let your customers know how close they are to reaching your free shipping threshold (if you have one). 

Keep in mind that if you are on the Basic or Shopify plan, you will need Shopify’s Carrier Calculated Rates feature added to your plan to use any third-party shipping calculation app. You can get it added for $20/month a-la-carte, or free if you switch to annual billing, which will also save you 10% on your Shopify subscription. Contact Shopify directly to get this feature added.


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