Dealing with a large number of chargebacks from a single "customer"

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Long story short, someone's 12 year old child got a hold of his credit card and placed about 15 orders spaced out across a week on my store (over 130 distinct items, nearly $2,000 all in all). All of them were shipped and/or delivered before the parent contacted us to cancel the orders. 


He happened to live nearby, and we arranged via email a date and time for him to drop off the merchandise. I told him very clearly beforehand that we could accept a return for refund but would likely have to incur a significant restocking fee due to it being an extenuating circumstance. He brought the stuff over and it was a huge mess. Told him that we would have to spend a day the next week to sort through all the merch so that we could account for it all, and then assess a restocking fee based on the condition of the merch and if anything was missing. I believe right after he left, that he submitted chargebacks against all of the transactions. I emailed him multiple times over the next week to request that drop the chargebacks since we were looking to issue him a direct refund, but he has refused to respond or cooperate. By the way, of the stuff he returned, several pieces were completely missing and a couple dozen had been unboxed and were missing accessories or packaging material. I explained that this, in addition to non-refundable shippings fees, was the reason why we could not issue a full refund and that a 10%-15% restocking fee would be incurred.


I'd like some input as to what to do right now. I am concerned that if we were to issue any refund at this time, we might run into a double-refund situation. However, if we don't refund anything, the bank may see it as though WE are the ones being scummy and refusing to refund the money despite most of the merchandise technically being returned. I have email transcripts of all correspondence between me and the "customer". Can we simply submit this as evidence that we tried our best but it was the "customer" who ultimately refused to make things work out? Any other insight would be appreciated as well.

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Hey, @Jeff_Chang!


Lulu here from the Shopify Support team. Thanks for reaching out here, and I'll be more than happy to help you out.


I am sorry to hear about the trouble you have experienced, it definitely sounds like a stressful situation. Just to clarify, Shopify is the medium between payment gateway/credit card company and customer, we don't initiate the chargeback sequence or have any say in how it's decided. As the chargebacks have already been initiated then if you were to refund, it will end up in a double refund situation. Your only option now is to submit all the evidence to your bank and allow the bank to decide. Be sure to include every single conversation that you had with the customer and all the attempts you have made to contact the customer. 


This chargeback guide has some really helpful advice so I would have a read through. I hope this helps but if there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know.


Kind regards,


Lulu | Social Care @ Shopify
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