Dealing with combined carts - shippable and local pick up only carts

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My store offers shippable products (chocolate) and pick up only products (pastry).

Despite offering content to customers showing which products can be shipped v pick up, naturally customers add a lemon meringue tart to basket and expect it to be shipped 5 days across the country and arrive in one piece and safe to eat  

ATTEMPTED FIX: After some advice from another store owner, I set up a new location for pick up only products, made sure it didn't offer shipping and assigned relevant products to this category. That all appears to be working to restrict shipping of those products which is fab.

ISSUE: now when people add both chocolate (shippable) and pastry (not shippable) to cart and start check out, they get a standard error saying we don't ship to their area, which isn't entirely correct.
They're then abandoning the whole cart, rather than understanding they just need to remove the pastry items.

Is there a way I can address this through a tailored message? I'm reasonable with adjusting the liquid code if I know which area to look. I haven't been able to find the error text in the code when searching so far.
Does anyone have any tips?
I'm open to an app to do something like split the cart into shippable non shippable, but I expect this isn't possible as I understand Shopify doesn't allow app to adjust the check out process.
Can a developer do this where an app can't?

How can I restrict shipping for some products, while offering shipping for others? Current location based solution doesn't address carts with a combination of product types, leading to abandoned carts.

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This is an accepted solution.

UPDATE: have resolved this through digging into the customisable settings in languages.
For anyone else trying to solve this issue my fix was:
  1. Set up a new location with pick up only and no shipping or local delivery
  2. Adjust product location settings so pick up only can't be used through shipping location
  3. Use language settings to adjust shipping error messages.
The yellow highlights on the screen shot show which areas can be used for shipping error messages.
Naturally I won't be keeping all of these, but this shows me adjusting all relevant options, before whittling it down to what is cleanest / makes the most sense.
This is working in 99% of instances, although there is one product slipped through when it shouldn't although all of it's settings are identical from what I can find. Worst case, I'll duplicate one of the ones it works on and edit it to replace the one that's getting through.
Found a bunch of other things to adjust while I was there, so definitely a helpful area to check out.
Hope it helps someone!
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