Debit cards not accepted?

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I may need to educate myself a little more with this but since it's somewhat time critical I'd appreciate some help.

I have noticed a reasonable number of folks bail at checkout (of the last 154, for example, who reached checkout 105 actually ordered). I have no idea if these are reasonable numbers, whether it varies by niche, etc, etc.

However, I send an Abandoned Cart message to one of these folks yesterday and she came back and told me my store doesn't take debit cards, so she abandoned.

That's news to me. I have Shopify Payments and PayPal enabled. For the latter, does it only allow CREDIT cards and not debit cards? If so, why is that?

By the way, I have a rather straightforward set up - US store, all customers in the US and have nothing done anything custom with payment gateways, other than enable Shopify Payments and PayPal.

Now I am curious how many orders I have lost because of this.



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Hi Mark,

I'm Kris, a Shopify guru. I'm going to go over debit card sales for both Shopify Payments and PayPal

If you're using Shopify Payments as your credit card processor, certain debit cards are accepted. These include Visa, MasterCard, and Amex debit cards in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. In the United States, you can accept those in addition to JCB, Discover, and Diners Club debit cards.

There may be exceptions to the above. Visa debit cards (and the like) rely on Visa's credit card network to process online, phone, and international transactions. Debit cards alone do not have the system to support these types of purchases, which results in a declined transaction. Therefore, the key to determining a debit card's compatibility will rely on the bank's network it operates from.

PayPal gives its users the option to attach both debit and credit cards to their accounts. Your Shopify customers can check out using PayPal with the attached card of their choosing. Activating PayPal as an alternative gateway does offer a means to pay with a debit card, and is not restricted only to credit cards. You can even set your PayPal to Let customers pay without a PayPal account!

Finally, if a customer attempted to order additionally with PayPal, your abandoned checkout will report this as well. You may consider adding a memo on your site that outlines the types of payments you accept (and how).

And check out some other ideas on our blog's conversion rate optimization articles. :) 


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same got this problem

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will tap n go mastercard debit card work? im from hong kong
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Hi Kriz

I'm new to this business dropshipping. I got the same problem, I tried using Shopify payments and also Stripe but every time I tried to purchase using my Italian debit card but it didn't work. could you help me with how to fix this, please? I'm really struggling with this level of payment methods. By the way, I'm going to sell in Italy and my store base in the US.