Default box dimensions and other frustrating shipping problems.

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Bumping this one too as this is going to be what causes us to find another platform. Shopify, we need to assign box sizes to individual products and the apps are misleading and do not add any additional functionality.

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Just tried and uninstalled Smart Boxing - Cost us more money and time than it was worth.

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Hello @Bill_Ryan,

After we looked into the concerns that you noted with our Customer Success team, we could see that you still had Shopify charging shipping rates at checkout (we cannot override these) and also had your product variants configured as "pieces", not as their own products. Unfortunately, if you don't follow our support suggestions to give yourself the opportunity to have the app configured properly, it won't work as expected. As I mentioned to you yesterday, our team is happy to get on a call with you and screenshare to show you how to configure the app properly for your store. We're still happy to support you if you would let us know a time that works for you to get on a call. We can even adjust your product csv so that your "additional pieces" are properly listed under "variants", saving your team time from manually doing this - I know they spent a lot of time adding your product dimensions to the csv, so I don't want you guys to have to spend more time adjusting your csv, especially during this busy season. 

The SmartBoxing algorithm is used by thousands of stores between Intuitive Shipping and Smart Boxing to calculate accurate dimensional shipping rates at checkout. When the app is configured correctly, it works. Our Customer Success team is available for app demos, configuration guides, and technical support, so please reach out to or book a call if you want to chat one-on-one. 


Warm regards,


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Hey Shopify, Thank you for acknowledging and fixing this issue after 4 years! (Sarcasm). It's pathetic that this issue won't even be acknowledged by you. We all can use 3rd party apps (shouldn't have to for such a basic feature) but that doesn't solve the fulfillment issue in Shopify Admin when you have to 'partially' fulfill an order 100 times in you have a 100 item order. Absolutely ridiculous.
Saorla Ó: 

So you want each package to be sent separately?


Each item weighs 26lbs and is packaged in its own carton. So if a customer selects (4) items, I need Shopify to recognize that I'm shipping (4) cartons instead of 1 gigantic carton.

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I see you have the Advanced shipping rules app. The app generally let's you customise all your shipping settings

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You could also set weigh based rates which would set the rate based on the total rate but there is no way currently in the Shopify admin to recognise that you are shipping 4 parcels


So if we have an order of 100 items (26lbs each) as we routinely do, Shopify will only be able to recognize this as 1 box at 2,600 lbs?

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Not within the shipping settings but you have the Advanced Shipping Rules app which allows you to make different rate customisations for your shipping


The weight based rate will cost our customers 1 state away the same as it does for a customer 6 states away.


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I understand that

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The app may be able to mitigate that issue


Ok, I just assumed this would be a standard within Shopify as it is with other e-commerce stores.


I will have to use a 3rd party app or switch e-commerce providers to overcome this lack of feature within Shopify. Thanks for looking at this issue for me.

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Such a basic and necessary feature to include - dimensional shipping calculation per product. I guess Shopify is making too much money off of App revenue sharing to actually care what their customers have been asking for, apparently for many years now. I will be moving to another platform, which is a shame because I like many things about Shopify and have already invested a lot of my time in configuring my shop. BIG FAIL SHOPIFY!!!

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I tried StorePeps Multicarrier app for Shopify. I installed it and finally after much difficulty set it up and it did nothing. Nothing changed. Plus it was $9 and you also have to pay an extra $17 to Now I'm afraid to waste another day messing with Advanced Shipping Rules for it not to work or work right while paying an extra $20 month. While I'm venting, why is there no place to add signature to the shipping calculation? Either pay the $2.60 out of pocket or risk a chargeback. 

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I use Shopify to calculate and add the shipping charge to the invoice, but I use program installed on my PC to actually ship every shipment.

Adding the signature charge is just one of several options offered in a drop down box.

However, in my opinion it is a waste of money because none of the carriers are soliciting signatures anymore due to COVID-19.

I have even had Registered Mail shipments just left in my mailbox without even a ring on my door bell to let me know it had arrived. ☹

The USPS is not in very good shape right now as I have several shipments take twice as long as normal to arrive at the proper destination.

One has gone two weeks for an across town shipment!!!

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Hi everyone, adding to this thread because Shopify needs to reevaluate their priorities. How can Shopify say they are a powerful e-commerce platform IF YOU CAN'T EVEN ACCURATELY SHIP PRODUCTS. I do not want to download Boxify and see if it works. I do not want to create shipping profiles for various regions by various shipping speeds and still lose money when customers don't cover for the cost of shipping. This is so disappointing. Looking for other platforms. 

For the people in the thread and new people who have just realized they wasted a lot of time trying to set up Shopify, what was your solution in the end? Where did you go if you left Shopify? What workaround are you stuck with if you stayed with Shopify? 

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The lack of dimensional weight support in Shopify has been an ongoing challenge for my store. The only "workarounds" we've found are (a) artificially raise the item weight in Shopify, so that the postage charged is at least a bit closer to actual cost -- although the major challenge there is that Shipstation then imports the fake weight, and if it is not manually corrected before the label is generated, then you actually pay for that weight, and (b) raise the price on the larger items to offset the gap in postage fees collected. I'd much rather charge less for the product, and charge actual cost for shipping. I think customers understand that carriers are overloaded, and that shipping costs have gone up. Well, until they look at my site and see a 15 lb suitcase-sized package that we apparently can ship clear across the country in 2 days* for $12 (according to Shopify's broken calculation).

I suppose it would be cheaper to pay $30-$50 per month for one of the 3rd-party apps that fixes this huge bug in Shopify's app (which is probably why Shopify hasn't fixed it yet).

*speaking of which, how dumb is it that USPS Priority Mail shows up in Shopify as a 2-day service during the checkout funnel? I've had many customers complain about that, because they think I've promised them 2-day delivery despite the fact that priority mail takes 3-10 days to deliver, and has been that way for a year.