Default box dimensions and other frustrating shipping problems.

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Bumping this one too as this is going to be what causes us to find another platform. Shopify, we need to assign box sizes to individual products and the apps are misleading and do not add any additional functionality.

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Just tried and uninstalled Smart Boxing - Cost us more money and time than it was worth.

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Hello @Bill_Ryan,

After we looked into the concerns that you noted with our Customer Success team, we could see that you still had Shopify charging shipping rates at checkout (we cannot override these) and also had your product variants configured as "pieces", not as their own products. Unfortunately, if you don't follow our support suggestions to give yourself the opportunity to have the app configured properly, it won't work as expected. As I mentioned to you yesterday, our team is happy to get on a call with you and screenshare to show you how to configure the app properly for your store. We're still happy to support you if you would let us know a time that works for you to get on a call. We can even adjust your product csv so that your "additional pieces" are properly listed under "variants", saving your team time from manually doing this - I know they spent a lot of time adding your product dimensions to the csv, so I don't want you guys to have to spend more time adjusting your csv, especially during this busy season. 

The SmartBoxing algorithm is used by thousands of stores between Intuitive Shipping and Smart Boxing to calculate accurate dimensional shipping rates at checkout. When the app is configured correctly, it works. Our Customer Success team is available for app demos, configuration guides, and technical support, so please reach out to or book a call if you want to chat one-on-one. 


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