Default box dimensions and other frustrating shipping problems.

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It should come as no surprise that after having just launched my store, my biggest challenges have come from how to deal with shipping costs. This seems to be a common theme. I sell perishable items, which require specialized packaging and which need to arrive at their destination withing 2 days max. The extra materials - mainly the dry ice needed for frozen products - add considerble weight to the overall package. Not to mention that the dry ice is an expense onto itself. There are a couple of features missing from Shopify that could help alleviate some of this:

1. Default packaging - Shopify lets you enter the dimensions of your box and its weight to help out with carrier calculated shipping. This is great, except that it only allows one type of package to be used in these calculations. We offer many different products, of varying weights and sizes, which of course are shipped in the appropiate box. Shopify needs to add a "Package type" field for each product so that the correct rates are shown to the customer at checkout. It literally is just one additional field. If multiple products are bought, each with various packages, then use the largest of the packages when calculating shipping. 

2. Packaging/Materials charge - For frozen items I would like to add the cost of the insulated container and the dry ice to the order. I don't want to add this on the shipping end since it doesn't apply to every product. For example, if any frozen item is bought, I would like a $15 Materials and packaging charge to be added to the cart automatically. Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this? I know I can add it to the cost of the product, but we sell by the pound and this would increast the price per pound to the point where we just aren't competitive. I would like the customer to see that they are getting a good deal on the item but that it has special handling requirements. 

Any feedback on these issues would be appreciated. Also, shipping costs in general are killing me. I have spoken to FedEx and they offered me a small discount but said major discounts would only come with increased volume. However, I don't see how I would ever get to said volume making my customers pay ridiculous Fed Ex rates. Honestly, $60 for 2 day shipping on a 13 pound package seems exhorbitant. Lets not even talk about overnight. If anyone has some insight on how they got over this hump it would be much appricated. I can't be the only one. 

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Hello Erick,

Keegan here from the Shopify Guru team.

You're correct, Shopify only currently has a default box weight addition for shipping calculations but good news is there's a pretty popular app available for more complex rules if need be. I would highly suggest checking out the Boxify app below as it will let you both add in multiple packages, and assign a box size to each product. With a 15 day trial currently, worth a shot!

We're always working on improving the shipping system, I'll ensure our team hears your feedback about the setup troubles you've had so far.

Thanks for your post!

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Shopify shipping is very poor all around set up, with no options to help control the shipping price to protect the business or offer better deals to customers. It is the #1 thing I warn every company that comes to talk about using Shopify. If you do anything outside of the basics, you will get killed.

I am getting killed in shipping because there is nothing in Shopify to help on shipping customization and the company seems to not care at all. We need media mail, more control on setting shipping prices for certain products and customization for domestic versus international shipping. 

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Most domestic & international carriers base their shipping rates on these factors: Dimensions & Weight.

Shopify should include with each product the ability to assign dimensions & weight to that product. Weight alone is not enough.

Leaving shopify users to create their own work around or use a third party app is shortsighted, a work around cannot create a robust solution that will suit all cases. Requiring a shopify user to purchase / use a third party app is absurd when this is a clear issue that has been discussed in the forums for years and it's a simple fix for shopify.

To see just how much shopify has been made aware of this issue google: "shopify weight dimensions"

I'm currently unable to develop my next website because of this issue..... If you want to make more money shopify..... make it easier for users to create online stores that ship product in the real world (freight priced on weight/CBM).

We all look forward to results - not work arounds :)

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The app we develop, Advanced Shipping Rules, allows you configure different rates for different groups of products that then get combined intelligently at checkout for your customer. You can set different package sizes for each group of products. 

We also allow you to sepcifiy how many items fit into what sizes boxes within each product group. 


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Hi Brian,

Thanks for your input. I've checked out your shipping rule app in addition to many others. In a nutshell from your app's info: "Table based rules for Item, Weight, Price" ... this is where Shopify is letting everyone down. You've created your app with the info Shopify made available ... but the crucial piece of data that is missing that most domestic and international carriers use to calculate freight is: CBM (length * height * width).

Please Shopify, let all users add the relevant information for shipping goods to their product attributes (weight & dimensions / CBM). This in turn will allow developers to make apps that give accurate rates in the real world of shipping products.




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Check out the shipping apps from Eniture Technology.  If the "off-the-shelf" functionality doesn't completely meet your needs, call 404-369-0680 to discuss your requirements for customization.

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As much as you pay for shopify this 'feature' should be included in pricing.  In addition we use ShipStation   ---  that app should also have the 'feature' to have different box sizes since I'm paying for it.  Not happy.

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This is so frustrating. Would like to come over from Woocommerce but this "basic" feature lacking is making this tough. Its not acceptable to just say use boxify. Their monthly plans are expensive. This was an out of the box feature with woocommerce. For as big as Shopify is you think they would address this shipping issue. Its starting to look like I am going to let my free trial expire and stay with Woocommerce. Shame we loved everything else about Shopify. We have 400 products all with differnt shipping sizes. This is just crazy that there is no help here at all.

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Is there a built in solution to this for Shopify? I already pay a subscription fee for Shopify. Why do I need to pay more for an app to do what Shopify should do out of the box?