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This is not accurate at all.....they are NOT in fact presented at the checkout in the order they are present in your Shopify admin. 


Further how has shopify not fixed this yet its been almost 3 years of people asking? 

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it's there a solution now?

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This REALLY needs a fix...


I have just spend ages looking through pages and pages from people who NEED this feature as much as i do, I cant see how creating the ability to sort freight methods could be such a large issue..

I'm about to launch our website but this is going to be a headache - i can see it already.

We had 'Local Pick Up' as a default option on our old platform. SO many customers place orders and expect them shipped and then do the old 'Oh, you want me to pay MORE money?' when trying to get the freight paid! - Once rearranging and made the default as paid freight - this issue stopped!


After migrating my website from ePages... im starting to realise Shopify is lacking alot of basic functions that other platforms offer.

Perhaps my old platform was not as archaic as i thought....


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Madness. This is why people are changing to other platforms.

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adding my voice to the choir here... Seriously, anyone in shopify give a darn about improvements? This seems pretty straight forward. 

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Also having this same issue.  It's been years we have been asking for a fix.  I waste so much time trying to get customers to pay for shipping they thought was free.  It makes them and our associates frustrated...  When are we going to start getting some options and ability to improve???

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I need this too.

This is only possible on Shopify Plus to my knowledge - using scripts app.


You technically could have done it in the past if you hacked the analytics script but hasn't been possible for a while.  Should be though - kinda basic stuff.

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One more here that needs this functionality

A really pain for the customers and store staff

In the process of reviewing other ecommerce platforms

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I am also very interested in the implementation of this function.

I had to eliminate the pick up option in stores because customers kept selecting the wrong option.