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Hi Shopify

Having the default button highlighted to my Free Click and Collect option is causing me a nightmare. We had approx 1 order per week for the last two years ( we lived with it) but something has happened over the last month it has increased to 2x orders per day. It is crazy why Shopify can't give us option to change the default button highlight to our preferred method of delivery i.e our standard shipping rate and let customer change to collect option.

I am now going to have to delete the option to Click and collect from my store (not good for local customers and not very GREEN). 





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That's a joke - over a year later and still nothing. =(

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Hello Don,


Any news on that feature request made almost 2 years ago? I need it for my store and it seems I am not the only one.


Please let me know the status of the request.

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Hi, would also very much like this simple feature added. I’m currently using squareup’s website option for my bricks and mortar shop as it makes this easy but would prefer shopify bit this is a dealbreaker. Very frustrating.
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To anyone still struggling with this. I now have a half solution that works for us and has worked well enough up to now. A couple of my client sites use it and don't have any complaints with it. 


Whilst it is bit of a hack it works fine. It's still not ideal and Shopify need to sort this rubbish out! 


Basically what we done was added a product to our inventory called "Click and Collect" with a price of 0 and not in any collections or visible on the actual website itself. This has a weight of something ridiculous like 5000KG. (which even every one of our products in the cart 10 times over won't reach! 


Then on the cart page itself, we added a radio button which allowed people to chose click and collect or shipping. Using some javascript injected to the page we then add that 'Click and collect' product to the cart behind the scenes using the api. Which when in checkout will only allow the 'click and collect' option to be selected. If they click back to 'courier' it removes the click and collect option from cart. Then when in checkout the default £4.99 shipping is selected. Basically effecting the cart weight to something normal to something ridiculous.


Our shipping profiles then only allow the click and collect option for free to be selected if cart weight is over 5000kg. 


It has one minor side effect.... It looks as though the 'Click and Collect' is an item in their cart and shows up on their order. But its set as a price of 0.00 so isn't really a problem plus its nice as its a reminder they are opting for click and collect.


Essentially what we've done is moved the option where the customer picks if they want to click and collect or it shipping into the cart where we have control. Instead of letting Shopify's ridiculous system handle it. The courier is still all calculated in checkout as normal and the user can pick between express, normal and slow etc. But the Collect option just isn't available in the checkout unless they've added that item to cart. Which is automated when they click 'Click and collect' in the cart.


I'm happy to help anyone who thinks this solution will work for them. I have the javascript you'd need for the cart page and how we implemented it. Just PM me. Consultancy charge is cheap on this problem as I know how frustrating it is!  


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