Delaying the fulfillment email?

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Sorry if there's similar questions I just can't find a answer for a situation like this.

Basically how we end up processing our orders is once and order has been made we place a comment on it and then from there we will go back to the order and fulfill all orders that have comments on them. It isn't the worst system but I wanted to make it easier for ourselves by doing the following :

I would like to : once we have finished packaging an order fufill it so it's done but then I don't want the fulfillment notification to go to the customer untill the start of the next day so perfect scenario would be 6am morning the notification goes to them ( as it will be picked up by the courier the next day)

Any work around a or settings I'm missing ? I don't want to have to go back to the orders and edit any of the tracking etc as we don't have that option.

I always would just like to fufill it so it's made and then we don't need to worry about going back as it will automatically send the email.

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I don't believe there's a way to do that but here's what I would do:


1) Create a shared Google Sheet.


2) When someone packs and ships an order, add the order number and tracking to the sheet.


3) Hire a VA (or someone from your team) to fulfill all the orders.


I could build a custom solution where you'd enter fulfillment details into an admin panel, then have them all bulk fulfill automatically at a set time. If you're doing high volume that may be a positive ROI solution but if not that solution I mentioned above is low cost.



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