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First of all, I tried reaching out to Shopify by telling them I have problems with the payouts I should have been receiving. There is no response after a week, I sent another one about this specific problem but yet again, there is no response. I am very frustrated because it is MY MONEY that they are withholding from me. They should at least have helped me figure this out. Now it's going to be almost a month and I still haven't received any advice or help from them. I also saw that there are others who have the same concerns as me and they explained that there is no way to contact Shopify further. With this maltreatment of clients and more than unsatisfactory response time, I will now delete my store and will never use Shopify again. I honestly thought I could work with this platform but they proved me wrong, not only did I waste my time but also my money. I hope that none of you will have this problem and I hope that Shopify will at least improve this part of their platform.

 There will be no next time.