Delivery in UK/ fulfilment question for third party delivery

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Hi there,

I'm really struggling to set the delivery system up for my upcoming food meal box business. I'm initially looking to deliver only within London and I've already set up the Local delivery zone in setting to allow free delivery for xx miles within the area.

However, this doesn't allow me to charge or block out if I get an order that's out side of this Local delivery zone. I've tested it with a postcode that's outside of xx mile and it still comes up as Free shipping. 

So I've downloaded Intuitive app (free trial) as well as Zaplet. Eventually I'll need to use a third-party delivery service like Zaplet to make deliveries, for the time being, I'll be making the deliveries myself. 

Would you be able to let me know if what I'm after will be supplied by these apps or if there's an simpler way of setting up what I'm trying to achieve?

Thank you very much,