Denied USPS pickup service

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A new interim postmaster has come to our town and she notified me that letter carriers are not allowed to pickup packages that have postage labels through Shopify and have been scheduled online. She said letter carriers cannot take anything that weighs more than 10 ounces or is thicker than a half inch. I found the postal rule in the Domestic Mail Manual and that rule appears to apply to items with stamps for postage. When I went back to discuss it with her she said it is a union agreement with letter carriers.She pointed me to the NALC contract, which doesn't appear to be available because it was just negotiated.

I wanted to see if anyone has insight into this problem. They have been picking up here at my home business for 3 years and now -- all of a sudden -- I have to take everything to the post office myself.

I don't believe she's right, but cannot find anything else to back up my position on the matter. If I have more, I will go to the regional officials. But I need to be sure I am right.