Different legal entity to accept strip payments

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Hi everyone, I have a question that I'd like some advice on in order to do things the 'right way'. 


We have 2 legal entities. We started with a EU entity. On this particular web shop we cater solely to US citizens, so we created a US llc to simplify things with payment providers etc. 


The issue is now that due to Covid - we're unable to get an ITIN number for the next few months so we can't get accepted for PAYPAL for our US entity.


Due to administrative restrictions in our EU country, we can get accepted for PAYPAL, but not for Credit card payments (stripe, 2checkout,...)


At the moment, we're just dealing with the EU entity and collecting payments through Paypal - obviously, we're missing a lot of conversion because of this.  (There's also the cross border Paypal fees)


Is it legal (if we put this in our policy) to use BOTH entities to collect payments? US LLC for stripe + EU entity for Paypal?


This sounds like an accountancy nightmare (and it probably is) but nothing's worse than having to turn customers away.