Different payment methods for different products

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I was wondering if I can set just credit card payment for specific products, and COD & credit card for other products. My website offers local delivery and we have some other products that we can't charge with COD. And I want to know if this option exist at all because I didn't find it. For example I land on a specific product on the website and at the checkout page I can't choose COD, just credit card payment.

Another problem that I have, I can't put a specific extra cost if the customer choose the payment on COD. For example, I want to have the option on my website when the customer lands on the checkout page and when he pays with credit card to have a specific shipment rate, and if he pays with COD to have extra money to pay. 

Also quick question, with my local delivery, can I set a limit with the working hours? For example if my store offers delivery from 10 am to 5 pm the customers can't order specific products after 5pm?


Thank you.