Different shipping costs on different products

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In my store I will sell prints, greeting cards and original paintings.

Right now I have two shipping alternatives Sedish shipping (Where i'm based) and worldwide shipping for customers who wants to buy from another country.


Sweden 5€

Worldwide shipping 8€


So far, so good.

But if a customer only wants to buy one single greeting card that costs, lets say 5€.. then I dont want the customer to be paying a shipping cost of 8€ because its TOO much for a single greeting card.

I don't know how to do here, i'm very confused with how to manage the shippings.

Any suggestions?




I believe you need shipping rates based on the shipping destination and the product quantity.


This can be easily achieved using StorePep. You just need to add the automation rules to show the domestic rates or international rates based on quantity.

You can also vary the rates or provide free shipping based on other factors like total weight, price, zones, etc.


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Hi, @sandranobreart


Rae here, from Shopify. Shipping settings can be difficult, so I’m glad that you reached out with this question. 


It sounds like your business would benefit from using weight-based shipping rates that calculate shipping totals based off the total weight added to the customer’s cart. That way, if a customer only ordered one greeting card they would pay less than a customer who ordered a painting, for example. 


Weight based shipping rates can be set up for both your Swedish and your worldwide shipping zone, and each zone would have unique rate prices to account for the charge difference between domestic and international shipping. For these rates to work, just make sure to assign an accurate weight to each of your products in the ‘Products’ section of your admin. 


Additionally, depending on the price difference between your greeting cards, prints, and paintings, price-based shipping rates may also work well on your site. These rates determine the shipping cost based on the overall price of all of the products in a customer’s cart, so usually when customers have more items in their cart, the shipping cost is higher.  


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about setting up these rates and I’d be glad to help further!

Rae | Social Care @ Shopify
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