Different shipping origin and return address?

How do I set shipping origin and also have a separate return address?


I will be fulfilling orders from the road as I travel for work events. 


I set up a new Location in my settings, so I can update it to my current location, which will be the location I will ship from as I travel. 


Will this also result in my return address being the address in the current Location used as Shipping Origin? Or can I set my return address separately?


All of these remote shipping origin locations will be temporary, and none of them are addresses which I can receive mail at. I only need to use them to calculate proper postage. 

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I have found a solution to this situation, via a no-fee third-party app (Pirate Ship). 


Just add the Pirate Ship app to Shopify, and then in the Orders list select the orders and use the Actions drop-down menu to access the Pirate Ship item (confusingly named "Buy cheaper postage"). 


In Pirate Ship's Shipping settings, ship-from addresses can be set up with different return addresses. 


I created a new ship-from address, named it "Travel", and update the ship-from address to the location I am currently shipping from (hotel, relative's house, etc). 


Yet another bizarre omission within Shopify. This is something that all third-party postage services offer, and Etsy has had built in for years. I guess Shopify wants to miss out on that postage revenue. Thankfully, services like Pirate Ship have stepped up to fill the void. 

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Thanks for the hint. I can't friggin believe they still haven't fixed this. It's not hard to code AT ALL.