Digital Item Country Restrictions

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Hi there,

Our website is set-up to ship items to only the UK & EU. This has easily been facilitated by only adding shipping rates for these countries.

We also sell digital variants of many of our books, however, and similarly need to restrict where users can order these from. However, we would still like the general item to be visible on our website from these countries, even if they cannot order it.

Ideally we need a way of either:

a) only allowing billing addresses within the UK and EU, as well as shipping addresses. Or,

b) restricting individual variants of an item in certain countries from being visible.

Are any users aware of any apps which would allow us to do this?

The only apps I have seen only block the product from appearing on the website at all in certain countries (which can lead to weird gaps on the homepage), or block the whole website from appearing in certain countries.

Any help is much appreciated!