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Building out a new site moving from Product cart. We have over 10,000 SKUS and as most larger Ecommerce operators are aware most all shipping carriers are now using  dimensional shipping exclusively to calculate accurate shipping prices. I have searched this board and it does not appear that Shopify supports this and I have not been able to find any app to accommodate this, so am looking for some help please

We need to be able to enter the length, Width and height along with a weight for each SKU so UPS, Fed X and others can correctly calculate the shipping amount and return it in the shopping cart. I have a UPS account and am also happy to use the Shopify shipping.

As an example, there could be a product that sells for only $20 that is only 3 pounds but the box size is 50*8*12. In this case the freight using dimensional weight will be around $43 via UPS ground. But if I feed the system only the weight of the three pound box, shipping would be $8. No matter how many I sell I can't make up that loss in volume

I am sure Shopify has large volume clients needing and or using this so please let me know how Shopify or any app handles dimensional shipping?

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Hey @ATLAV8R ,

I'm not sure if you've found a solution yet, but you can use Smart Boxing to assign dimensions for your products and calculate dimensional shipping rates. 


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If you haven't found a solution yet, the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app will help you achieve this easily. You can use your own carrier account and the app helps you add the dimensions as well as weight for your products. 

With the box packing method in the app, you can set up different packages for your products based on the weight & dimensions. So, whenever your customer places an order, the app automatically chooses the right box and calculates the rates accordingly. Also, with the app, you can print labels, and also automate the tracking process. 

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