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We use Shipstation to process and ship our orders, and we currently use DHL e-commerce for our shipping through Shipstation.  The issue is that Shopify does not recognize the tracking number for DHL e-commerce, and automatically gives it a USPS hyperlink.  We would prefer to just send the shipping confirmation notices from Shipstation, but we can't seem to find a way to turn off the Shopify shipping notificaiton.  Please advise. Thanks!

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Hi Ryan,

This is actually something that Shipstation should be able control through the way they send the fulfillment information back to your account! They will have an option to send back the notify_customer field as false as outlined here. They might have a setting for it within your account with Shipstation already, I'd recommend checking in with them on it :)

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Yes, this is something which can be triggered from the solution end. With the Multi Carrier Shipping label app, you can switch off the notify customer field and mark it false thereby stopping Shopify shipping notifications to customer. You can try the app.

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