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I  want to offer instagram influencers 1 free item at their choice. How do I create a coupon code for them that only takes 100% one item and one item only. Highest priced

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Hey! ?

My name is Ayfa, I’m one of Shopify’s Gurus :)

I can walk you through the steps to take to allow 100% off one item! There are a few options you have in setting up the discount code; You can decide exactly who uses this code and how many times (tracked by email), and you can choose to make this product totally free by offering free shipping as well. I'll go through the different scenarios below.

*Create Discount*

If you would like to distribute the discount code to specific Instagram Influencers, you can go to the Customers section of your admin and create a Customer Group. You can do this by adding a customer (click the "Add Customer" button in the top right-hand corner), add in their details, email, etc, and add a tag to the customer.

Once you have the same tags to several different customers, this will be your group of Instagram Influencers! If you want to keep track of them easily, you can create a saved search -

So now that you have your customer group, you can go to the Discounts tab, and create a discount. Here is an example on how you could set it up!

There is a guide here that goes over everything!

*Free Shipping*

You can go to Settings > Shipping and create a price based rate for whichever zones you would like to ship to. You mentioned that the product you want to give away is the highest priced item you have, you can set the rate to be the price of the product and higher. So for example, if all your products were $90, and this product was $100, you can set the free shipping rate to a minimum of $99 and up, so it will only apply to this one product. Like this!

Let us know if that works for you! Feel free to drop us an email to, we can keep chatting about anything else you need.

Have a great day :)


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@Ava_old - or anyone else for that matter whom might have figured this out ....


I am trying to create a discount code for my customer Luxe House of Couture, which allows me to extend a 40% discount code to new customers for only one item. But here's the kicker: I want it to be any item the customer chooses. It does not appear I have the option to do so within Shopify.


What I tried:

  1. Creating an "Everything" collection that includes any inventory with a qty greater than 0 (excluding gift cards), but that gives them access to 40% off all products in that collection.


Recommendation for Shopify development:

  1. It would be great if you allowed us to have the ability to determine a maximum requirement. i.e. Maximum purchase amount, Maximum quantity of items. If I had this option, I could simply use option 1 from the above list of "things I've tried" (or use with "Entire order" applies to condition), and limit their maximum quantity of items to 1.


Would love to hear feedback from the community on the above, and more importantly, a solution that won't cost $30/mo via a 3rd party app. :)

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I also need the ability to apply a discount to only one item. Why is this not an option? VERY frustrating. Shopify please create the ability to set a MAXIMUM qty on discount codes as well as a minimum!!!

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also interested in a one item only discount. Basic. 

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I contacted Shopify about this and this was their reply: [SPOILER: it's disappointing!]

We understand that you want to set a maximum condition for a specific discount to be applied in your customer's orders during checkout.
Since the discount is being applied to the whole order, it is expected that your customers will take advantage of this offer.

Apps are created to enable certain features that is yet to be added in the platform. In case that you still want to add a maximum requirement for a discount, we recommend choosing with the discount apps available in Shopify Apps Store. You can also consider to create a Private App to supplement the exact assembly feature of your desire. Kindly refer to this link for more details on how to create a Private App. Alternatively, you can have someone set this up for you by hiring a Shopify expert through the links below:

Seeing the benefits that this feature could provide to your store, I will send a feature request to our developers on your behalf. Rest assured that your request will be heard so we can have this feature to add a maximum requirement to a discount code available in the future. Know that our developers will be doing their best to tend with your request to the best of their abilities.