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Hi all, looking for recommendations on shipping options. Have a small box weighing less than 2lbs to send regularly (domestically by ground). Current costs are prohibitively expensive, even with a business account. USPS may not be an option. Is there a service / app that I can use that consolidates small business needs to get a bulk shipping rate discount?


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Hi Amy,

If USPS is an option, you can get deep discounts by using a service like SKULabs (link under my username). We consolidate our customers' shipping volume under one account and use that as leverage to negotiate better USPS rates, then pass the savings straight to you. USPS Priority would probably be your best option; First Class is generally cheaper, but has weight restrictions that your shipments might not meet.

If, for some reason, you can't ship your goods via USPS, FedEx is probably your next best option price-wise. Home Delivery is a very budget-friendly ground shipping method, and you may save even more by using their flat-rate FedEx One methods. If you have a FedEx account but can't work with the rates they're giving you, get in touch with your local sales rep and see if you can get a better rate. Sometimes it just takes a phone call or a short meeting.

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You can utilise FedEx One rate boxes for this purpose. If you have your own account, then using the Multi Carrier Shipping label app makes sense as FedEx One rate is applicable with the app. However, if you are looking at discounted rates from the onset, you need to opt for resellers like Shipstation, etc.

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