Display Inventory By Customer Location

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I've been trying to wrap my head around the combination of Locations and Shipping Zones—wondering if someone can answer a simple question based on this scenario:

I am an online store only. I have a fulfillment warehouse in the US and one in Canada. The US warehouse ships worldwide (other than Canada), and the Canadian warehouse just ships orders placed within Canada. I do not ever want to ship from the US to Canada or vice-versa (ie. no fallback fulfillment from one location to another). I'm currently running 2 Shopify stores: a .com and a .ca which are essentially replicas of one another other than different currencies and different inventory levels. My goal would be:

(+) Have 1 URL

(+) Have 2 sets of inventory numbers (the products are identical). When a Canadian visits they see only what levels we have in our Canadian warehouse, and when anyone else visits they see what we have in the US. I'm not talking about showing specific products/collections based on the customer's location (the products are identical), just what's available in terms of inventory. So if I have 10 widgets in my US warehouse and 0 in Canada, Canadian visitors would see Out Of Stock, and US/International can purchase.

(+) I don't do anything fancy with shipping—flat rate for US & Canada, another flat rate for other international, everyone free over $50.

Is this even possible? From what I can tell it's not. Any ideas would be welcomed.