Display order status as "in progress" not "unfulfilled"

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how can i change was the customer sees as the order status on their account page.  if orders is unfulfilled or fullfilled i want it to display as "In progress" or "Complete". I'm still learning code, so go easy, But is there an IF command i can add to the code below.

eg. IF customer.orders.fulfillment_status (or order.fulfillment_status) equals "unfulfilled" display as "In Progress"


thank you!


{% unless settings.breadcrumb_styles == 'none' %}{% include 'breadcrumb' %}{% endunless %}

<div class="container">
  <div class="page-account">
    <div class="row">
      <div class="col-lg-3 col-md-4 col-sm-12">
        {% include 'account-detail' %}
      <div id="col-main" class="col-lg-9 col-md-8 col-sm-12">
        <div id="customer_orders">

          <h2>{{'customer.orders.order_history' | t }}</h2>
          {% if customer.orders.size != 0 %}
          <div class="table-wrapper">
                  <th class="order_number">{{'customer.orders.order_number' | t }}</th>
                  <th class="date">{{'customer.orders.date' | t }}</th>
                  <th class="payment_status">{{'customer.orders.payment_status' | t }}</th>
                  <th class="fulfillment_status">{{'customer.orders.fulfillment_status' | t }}</th>
                  <th class="total">{{'customer.orders.total' | t }}</th>
                {% for order in customer.orders %}
                  <tr class="{% cycle 'odd', 'even' %} {% if order.cancelled %}cancelled_order{% endif %}">
                    <td>{{ order.name | link_to: order.customer_url }}</td>
                    <td><span class="note">{{ order.created_at | date: "%b, %d %Y" }}</span></td>
                    <td><span class="status_{{ order.financial_status }}">{{ order.financial_status }}</span></td>
                    <td><span class="status_{{ order.fulfillment_status }}">{{ order.fulfillment_status }}</span></td>
                    <td><span class="total">{{ order.total_price | money }}</span></td>
                {% endfor %}
          {% else %}
            <div class="alert alert-success">
              <button type="button" class="close" title="{{'customer.general.close' | t }}" data-dismiss="alert">×</button>
              <p>{{'customer.orders.none' | t }}</p>
          {% endif %}


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You can change this highlighted code:

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 9.07.18 AM.jpg 


To something like this:

{% if order.fulfillment_status == "null" || order.fulfillment_status == "partial" %}In Progress{% else  %}Complete{% endif %}



https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/rest/reference/orders/order?api (to see values of fulfillment_status)

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