Disputing a chargeback resolution?

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We received a chargeback for "items not received" but had a ton of evidence showing that the items were actually received. They ordered a digital item, and that was shown as downloaded by the customer. They also ordered a print item, which according to the tracking, was also shown as delivered. We received no emails from the customer, and this was not their first time ordering and emailing us, so they knew how to email. They just never did.

We sent all of this evidence, with screenshots, in a response to the customer's bank. Weeks later, the resolution is that they side with the customer. Despite zero evidence on her behalf.

Can we go higher than this to get our money back? And not get charged a ridiculous chargeback fee when we are clearly in the right? It's so so frustrating to have this happen, especially during quarantine when our sales are already down.

Thanks for any help you can offer!