Do I have to specify the weight of my apparels for shipping

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We are new to Shopify. Our shop is now live but we would like to offer calculated shipping rates with Australia Post Shipping App by addition. I searched around the shopify community forum and found that I need to enter weights for shipping calculation to work. I just thought it would be really tedious to do that as we have over 200+ different variants. So do I need to enter all the weights for all the variants or is there a simpler method. I'm sure the weight of garments is usually negligible. Please help.

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You can update them in bulk either in the editor or by exporting / importing your products in spreadsheet form.


Then just give weight estimates. Like for all products of Type X set the weight to  100g, all products Type Y set weight to 500g, etc.

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This is an accepted solution.

With the Shopify Australia Post Shipping app, you have an option to provide default weight for your products as shown in the screenshot below.
Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 11.47.46 AM.png
This way, you do not require to configure weight for every product variant. And you can define weight for those products which have higher weight than the default weight configured. 
Will this help in your case?
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