Dodgy Email (fraudulent order?)

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We received an enquiry regarding one of our products yesterday, a broker acting on behalf of his client who would like to purchase 5 engagement rings from us... I'm not sure where the broker is based, his client is in Egypt and he would like to arrange for collection from our store directly.


We provided a price for 5 rings and stipulated that the order can only proceed if payment is made via BACS, the broker has agreed to this and asked for a proforma invoice along with our bank account details for payment.


OK, this whole thing screens FRAUDULENT and I'm inclined not to proceed... but... and heres the question, what is the actual risk here? 


We pass out our bank details to a large amount of customers who like to pay via BACS, I've checked with our bank previously and this is safe. So if this is a scam... what is it? 


If the customer proceeds to pay via BACS we then proceed with his order, this is made to order and will take 5 weeks to produce and the money can't be reclaimed or a charge back opened against us. Am I missing something?