Double Shipping Charged

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Is there an update to this yet? Or is the ridiculous "solution" to have the inventory at all locations.

What do you all do with two or more locations to solve this issue? If you found a real solution, please share.

Thank you.


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We’ve had to do free shipping for our site so that we can fulfil from multiple locations.


I hope the Shopify developers add an override to this setting in the near future!

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Hi everyone, 

I am facing the same issue.

I have two warehouse locations where inventory is kept. Both locations are on the same street. One location is a shop and the other is a warehouse at the head office.

I need to have two warehouse locations so that the team know where the particular product is.

I want to charge a flat rate of $10 for all orders shipped to New Zealand only.

I do not want to put all of my stock/inventory into one location because that will make it harder for my team to know where the product is located.


Is there an option to include one total flat rate even if you have multiple warehouse locations?



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