Draft orders & shipping

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So, I'm at my wit's end.


When I create a draft order, I want to be abel to set the box size & weight to be able to see the correct shipping rate so I can charge the customer appropriately.  Then I will want to create a shipping label.


If I mark it "paid" (which I seem to have to do to be able to actually calculate shipping), then I cannot add shipping afterwards.


How the heck do I calculate shipping costs before I mark the invoice as Paid?



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I have the same problem. 

Any solution for this? 


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Seems like there is no way to do this, which to me is a massive oversight.

Here's what I do for a workaround:

I created a "shipping label" item with zero cost and not available on the store.

I get 2 draft orders going at the same time.

One is the "regular" order.  The other is an order with the shipping label only, at zero cost. I set it as PAID.  Then, I fulfill it, and I put the dimensions, etc of the box and weight into that order & print a shipping label (and add customs info if required).   Then I put the shipping cost into the "real" order., and of course the printed label goes on the box.

It's a pain, but it works.

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I'm in the same situation.  I need to charge a credit card over the phone using Authorize.net and once the payment is fulfilled I will update the order to paid.
But how can I get the correct price to charge to the credit card if I don't get the shipping rates?

There should be a way of doing this.