Drop-Down Menus in Shipping Address Form

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Hi, we have a real problem when it comes to charging the correct shipping rates, one that could be resolved if we could modify the shipping address form.


We sell beverages locally. We have our own delivery drivers. We do not use a parcel delviery service.


We set our delivery rates based on the Bangkok city district the customer lives in. But the customer has to look at the map & chart, and honestly choose the correct district. Lots of people aren't doing that, just choosing the lowest rate, which forces us to have to go back to the customer and explain they need to pay more.


We tried one app – delivery rates by district – but it didn't work and the developer went MIA after one email asking him to try to see if he could fix it.


Ideally, we'd charge rates based on distance, but no app out there seems to support Thailand and its weird addresses, even though with have the Shopify distances API in our account.


The next best thing is to have a drop-down menu of all the Bangkok districts and, when you choose that address, it fills in the correct shipping rate automatically.


Possible? My partner swears he's seen Shopify sites that have that.