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I've heard this from several merchants. Please accept my apology in advance if this is the wrong place to post this!

What happens if the receiver refuses to pay the duties and taxes? 

  1. FedEx  & UPS will ultimately charge the shipper (you the Merchant) for the duties and taxes if the consumer refuses to pay. You are also responsible for the original shipping costs.
  2. DHL does NOT deliver your package unless the consumer has paid the duties and taxes. At NO extra cost, DHL will return your product/s back to you in the event the consumer refuses to pay.
  3. USPS may contact you and you can choose to pay the duties and taxes on their behalf and they'll deliver the product.  If you also refuse to pay, your product/s will not be returned to you.




I hope this helps!


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Hello @InXpress,


Really good information! This would really help merchants shipping internationally.


In the case of FedEx, there are apps like the FedEx Rates, Labels and Tracking app which would allow you to select the duties payer as "Sender" or "Recipient".

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