E-packet shipping cost varies from country to country. How to offer free shipping to everyone?!

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So, overviewing my marketing strategy, I realized that at first I won't be able to choose where my audience is coming from and offer shipping exclusively to US would hurt me more than do me good, therefore I want to offer shipping to at least 35 countries with e-packet. 

Before doing that, I went to aliexpress, chose product shipping to US, and e-packet offers shipping for free, then I chose Canada, and shipping was $2.64, then I chose Australia and shipping was $5.40!! 

My question is, how can I offer free shipping to 35 countries with different shipping rates? It would be a madness to go through every product I want to sell and check every countries shipping costs separately.

I thought about bumping my product prices to cover shipping. Then my profit margins would differ from country to country, but I don't feel it's the only option, is it?

Anyone has a solution for this?

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Hi Martynas,

Maggie here, Shopify Guru. :)

Thank you for the question! You can absolutely set up free shipping for your customers form your Shopify Shipping settings. You would do this by enabling a price-based or weight-based rate that would apply to all types of orders, and marking it as free. We have a walk-through doc on this right here, and a video here.

With this method, you would be absorbing the cost of any shipping that AliExpress would charge, but you can, as you said, take this into account when you set your prices so you are still making a profit! Oberlo has a blog post about this for more information here: https://www.oberlo.ca/blog/should-you-offer-free-shipping

Hope this helps. :) You can contact support 24/7 if you have any more questions!

- Maggie M | Shopify