EU Fulfillment Companies That Will Apply Postage to Packages We've Packed Domestically

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We are a small company located in New York that is looking for a company in the EU who we can send individual packages with their destination's address affixed but with no postage. The company in the EU would take these packages and simply apply postage to them and ship them within the EU for us. The idea is we handle the import duties/taxes (or the bulk of it) so our customers don't. 

For example. We would pack 2,000 orders, each one different from the other, put the recipient's address on each one then ship all 2,000 in one single shipment to Germany where a partner would then go through each package and apply postage and ship them within the EU for us.

We're not looking for pick and pack. Any help would be much appreciated.



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Hi there!

I am working for Hive-Logistics. We are a wholistic fulfillment provider as we have our own warehouses, build our own software and have stellar customer service.

If you are interested, please DM me!