Ecommerce newb in Canada. Not sure how to deal with shipping.

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I'd like to sell and ship some largeish posters (about 24 inches rolled, in standard tubes).  I went to Canada Post today to get a sense of what shipping would cost, and the prices were crazy.

Regular parcel was around $20, up to $60 for priority.  Cheapest I could get was $10 if I restrict the size of the poster to 20 inches and send with no insurance or tracking.

I know there are others selling and shipping posters online, so there must be a better way.  Are there price breaks for higher volume?  What am I missing here?

Any help greatly appreciated!


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Hey Benjamin,

Shipping can sometimes be a bit of a sore point, especially when you're looking at anything that isn't a box :(

That being said, I'd recommend checking out Canada Post's Venture One program which would give you access to the Expedited Parcel service. It's a business-only service that has the same price as their regular parcel service but comes with insurance, tracking and is usually a faster ship time :) 

You'll also be able to use our Canada Post app that way which will generate the labels and let you print them out right in your Shopify!

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Initially there are no better ways to ship than going with the recommended ones from Canada Post. However, you can take an account with CP. Then start shipping with these prices. As and when you contribute volume to them, in about 6 months to an year's time, you can get your contract renegotiated and get better discounted rates. This may take time but will be worthwhile. In addition, i would rather recommend you to use insurance if your items are high priced as otherwise there are instances of items getting lost or broken. For enabling insurance, you can use the Multi Carrier shipping label app.


All in all, going with your own account and building from scratch is a bit time taking but it would definitely give you the desired results in the long run.

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