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This seems like an important issue.

When I partially refund an order (to grant free shipping) the customer receives an email that says that the order is refunded. Nothing on the email says that it is only the SHIPPING that has been refunded - i get numerous emails from clients asking why their orders was refunded while ONLY THE SHIPPING was refunded.

Thanks to advise what to do to solve this very problematic situation that is a real time waster.

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Hi Jérôme,

I’m Kevin a Shopify Guru.

The Default Refund Notification email will display the amount refunded.

We have two recommended methods of providing Free Shipping that may be able to help you out, not requiring a refund:

You can setup a Free Shipping Rate in your Shipping Zones.


You can create a Discount Code for Free Shipping.

The former is better when you want all customers within a certain threshold to receive Free Shipping and the latter is better when you want select customers to have Free Shipping.

If you have any more questions about your Notifications or setting up these methods, you can contact our Guru team 24/7 :)

Best Regards,

Kevin | Shopify Guru

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Hi Kevin, Is there a way to send a different email for a partial refund than for a full refund?