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does anybody know how to send a email with the bank information when the customers selects bank deposit as a the payment method?

because when selected the information its show in te confirmation window but the customer usualy make the payment hours laler and if they havent save or copy the information most of the time the sale is lost or the custmer make a new purchace just to see again the bank information, so for me could be rally usefull to send the information direct to the customer email so they have it handy when they want to make the depost 


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Hi Pedro,

Kevin here - a Shopify Guru :)

Yes this is possible to do, you can add any additional info you would like to send your customers by customising your email templates. So to send this info automatically after a customer places an order you would need to change the Order Confirmation Email template.

There is a helpful guide here that will show you how to do that -

So you could add a custom message into the email template and the extra info/message will be included in those future order confirmation emails.

Keep in mind though that all future emails would contain this - even ones that are not paid by bank deposit, so if you are using other methods to accept payments - like Paypal or another payment gateway, your banking details would also be sent to these customers also.

You could add a general message for customers saying something like ''If you have chosen to bank with a bank deposit, please reply to this email for further instructions for payment.'' This way you won't be sending the details to everyone who has made an order.

Currently it's not possible to have a specific email template based on a customer's payment method but it would also be safer just to give the banking details to only the customers that require them to pay.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Kind regards,

Kevin | Shopify Guru

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Thats a poor excuse for a solution don't you think.

That answer would be OK if shopify was free.

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Helly, did you solve it?

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You can do something like this:

{% for transaction in transactions %}
  {% if transaction.gateway == "Bank Deposit" %}
Text which shall be displayed here.

Unfortunately the documentation ( is not quite precise what kind of information are available, at least that was my impression...