Emailing customer their shipping price after they order

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I have set shipping rates for my main target markets, but would like to offer shipping for additional markets via email. 

What would be the best way to implement a system whereby customers confirm their order and we then email them a shipping price?

This is what, for example, does for certain markets. I would like to implement a similar system on my site.

Any apps etc would be appreciated.



Hey Jaime,

What you are looking to do is very likely possible to set up within our shipping calculation app, Intuitive Shipping. How you set this up will depend on how your markets are identified - are they a certain country, state, or zip code? Knowing this information and a bit more backstory will help me to send you in the right direction for set up :) 

What you can do in Intuitive Shipping is create a Shipping Scenario for the markets that you want to show shipping prices at checkout for, and another Shipping Scenario for the markets that you want to connect with after the time of purchase with a quote for shipping. You can title these rates at checkout to say something along the lines of "You will be contacted after purchase with a shipping quote. Please see our shipping page for details". 

I am curious about is why you are looking to implement this strategy since it creates a significant barrier to customers making a purchase - a customer will have to give you money for a product without having any idea how much it will cost to ship. So, let's say they aren't willing to pay the amount you quote, then they are out the money available in their account and have to wait a few days for a refund to process. The shipping page is where a lot of carts are abandoned due to unexpected shipping costs, and having no shipping cost available at will increase this rate. 

I welcome you to email me at citing this thread if you wish to discuss your shipping needs further and how we can tailor Intuitive Shipping to your exact business needs. 

Warm regards,

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